Marieke van Erp

Cultural AI, Language Technology, Semantic Web

Ryan Brate

cultural ai, semantic web, natural language processing

Elli Bleeker

literary text modeling, digital scholarly editing, automated collation, textual scholarship, markup, ontologies for text and semantic markup

Folgert Karsdorp

cultural evolution, folklore, complexity theory, Bayesian statistics, computational humanities research

Joris van Zundert

Text & meaning modeling. Narrative modeling. Automatic inference. Stylometrics.

Marijn Koolen

Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, Digital History, Digital Literary Studies, Methodology, Data Science

Ronald Haentjens Dekker

Textual variation, witness collation, document modelling, formal languages such as markup languages, knowledge representation, markup semantics, ontologies, machine learning

Andrea Peverelli

Computational Literary Studies, Stylometry, NLP for Classical Languages

Rik Hoekstra

Digital Historian

Andrea Schimmenti

Visiting PhD Student September 2023 - March 2024
User Interfaces, Web Development and NLP for the Semantic Web

Jiaqi Zhu

PhD student TRIFECTA project

portrait of Vera Provatorova

Natural Language Processing, AI, Information Extraction, postdoc TRIFECTA project

External affiliates

Bruno Sartini

Visiting DHLab Sept - Dec 2021 & April - June 2022

Valentin Vogelmann

Currently at Dutch National Museum of World Cultures

Delfina Sol Martinez Pandiani

Visiting DHLab May - July 2022

Former team members

Melvin Wevers

Currently at University of Amsterdam

Adina Nerghes

Currently at Wageningen University

Ruben Ros

Currently PhD Candidate University of Luxembourg

Elias Jürgens

Student assistant Odeuropa project

Eline van Oosten

Student assistant Sustainable Recipes Project

Ali Hürriyetoğlu

currently at Wageningen University

Aron Ouwerkerk

Intern Smells in Neolatin texts

Ismail Harrando

multimedia understanding, semantic web, natural language processing, information extraction
Visiting DHLab February 2022