Andrea Peverelli

Ph.D. student

Andrea Peverelli is currently a first year Ph.D. student working on the Translatin project. He studied Modern Philology and Italian Language and Literature (BA and MA) at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, Italy, where he specialised in Linguistics and Semantics. He worked for two years in the ERC funded project LiLa: Linking Latin at the CIRCSE research centre in Milan, where he perfected his skills in Digital Humanities and Computational Linguistics. He contributed to several DH-related projects, among which Digital Statius (aimed to build the first digital edition of the Roman poet Statius’ works), the PROIEL Treebank for ancient Indo-European languages (annotation of Plautus’ corpus) and, recently, the upcoming release of UDante, the full annotated corpus of Dante Alighieri’s Latin works.

Since January 2021 he works as a PhD candidate for the project TransLatin: The Transnational Impact of Latin Theatre from the Early Modern Netherlands, A Qualitative and Computational Analysis, under the supervision of Dr. Jan Bloemendal (PI of the project) and Dr. Marieke van Erp (head of DHLab), where he studies and develops the digital aspects of text reuse within the network of neo-Latin early modern drama.